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Advice Needed for Second-Year Masters Student Who Has Run Into Trouble

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Hi guys,


I'm a second-year master's student in a tough program in the Northwest, and I'm struggling at the moment. Last term, I failed one of my clinical placements (peds artic), and so my program director suggested that I spend a year working as an SLPA to get some massed practice of pediatric speech/language. Due to licensure technicalities in my state, I fear that I will be unable to get a job as an SLPA, and fear the decline of my clinical skills if I work in a school as an educational assistant or something similar. I am feeling rather abandoned by my supervisors, who claim they were unaware of this license issue, but are yet to offer any other alternatives for helping me complete the program. If anyone has experienced anything similar and has advice regarding how best to move forward, that would be greatly appreciated.



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For a field which embodies altruism, optimism and perseverance, these supervisors definitely do not seem to be living up to these standards. Plus, they have no idea about licensure in their region which makes me further question their qualifications.

Do you have an assigned faculty advisor of some sort? An offsite externship supervisor? Or perhaps a second year graduate student you may consult? Talking to someone else besides the director may give you a fresher perpective. Some programs also offer a remediation course so that if you fail a course, you are allowed to retake it so that you get a better feel for the subject.

The most important thing is that you are still in the program, no one pushed you out and that was only a recommendation. He or she has no right to give that suggestion from basing if off your grades unless they have seen your class performance throughout the year (which Is rather uncommon). The important thing is that you have a chance to make a difference in your upcoming semesters with all the experience you have so far and prove to them that they are wrong. They do not know what is best for you, you do. You worked this hard to get in, and so you can work hard to stay in!

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