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Hey Everyone -- 


I'm interested in doing an MA or MTS in Christian theology, and I am looking at various schools including some in the UK. What's the pulse on UK theology programs? Such as St. Andrews, Oxford, Durham, etc? I have seen various ratings of UK programs -- I am asking more about personal experiences and maybe how a UK program compares to that of a US program, say Duke or Notre Dame. 




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I was wondering the same during my application cycle. I think the biggest issue (either positive or negative, depending on how you look at it) is length, with UK master's programs being a year and US typically being 2 years. Are you hoping to go on to get a PhD? In that case, I would contact your potential advisors and ask them.


I was more willing to do a UK masters program (I got into Oxford and Edinburgh) for the experience and 1 year commitment, but there were a lot of factors such as language preparation chances of getting into a PhD program in the states with half the time that the US master's counterparts that worried me.

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