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SLP # of undergrad credits required for acceptance

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Hello all!


I believe that Brooklyn College will accept grad applications from students who earn a minimum of 31 speech credits, even if all undergrad requirements have not been filled. I know that each masters program has its own set of specific admissions standards, but I've had a hard time acquiring this info from other schools. Does anybody know how many credits are generally required for acceptance, or is this really case by case? Thanks!

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Even thought I was a post-bac, the requirements are rather similar to those of an SLP undergraduate major. However, the admissions requirements depend on the program. In additon, programs look for the nature of the courses which you have taken rather than the credit load. Brooklyn College recommends that you complete 7 of their speech courses, all of which are listed in their graduate program brochure and website. I completed all 7 and was able to apply to all my desired schools without a problem. I knew some ppl who were accepted to Brooklyn with only one or two classes missing.

Other schools may need more or less classes but those requirements may be fulfilled once you are enrolled in the specific program. If you are an SLP undergraduate student, I think you should fine. Keep in mind for other requirements aside from speech courses for TSSLD cert, ASHA requirements and so forth.

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