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GRE Score Arrival


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I am going to be taking the GRE about a month before my applications are due. Will that give my scores enough time to arrive at all 15 schools that I am applying to?

I would think yes, if I choose to send them out the day after I take the test...

But, I was wondering, do I have to get the Official scores first before I can send them out? Can someone please help me!?

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You can have scores sent the day you take the test, you don't need to receive the official score report. I'm not sure what the cut off is to ensure they're received by the schools by the deadlines though...

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If you are applying to more than 4 schools, I do think you have to wait for the official score report to send the additional ones, but I could be wrong. Anyway, one month is cutting it close. Some schools get their GRE score reports in batches, and that can delay your scores getting to schools even more.

Your GRE score reports will likely be late to some schools, but they generally are understanding about this.

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