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Topic: As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surly deteriorate. 





Technology has been rapidly developed since the industrial revolution in the 19th century. All kinds of machines and inventions have replaced human labours in many field and provided us convenient life.  Some people may have such misgiving that as people rely more on technology, will our thinking ability degraded? 


It’s true that we rely more and more on the technology. It has already play an essential part in our daily life and we rely on it in many ways. There are so many examples. When getting up in the morning, we use the microwave oven to cook food. Buses or cars drive us to work. Air conditioner keep our office room cool in summer and warm in winter. We use smart phone and social network software to keep in touch with my friends. The common character of these technologies are that they are easy to use and we rely more and more on them. I heard a joke about us modern people, saids, what is the most essential stuff in your life? Answer, wifi. It really makes sense that some people may worry about the deterioration of our thinking ability. 


However, the technology can not be developed itself. It is human ourselves who provide us with so many wonderful and amazing technologies. If the ability of human to think deteriorated, how could it possible that more and more new products such as new smartphone, new software are produced? If human are not smart enough, how would they develop so many sophisticated machines and software and make them so easy to use for most people? Technology save us from labor-consuming jobs and give us more chance to do creative things. A computer can do the calculation in less than one second, which may spend months for human to calculate with pen and papers. As the technology has been developed, human beings have been more creative. 


All stuffs are invented to meet people’s need. Technology products are produced to be make full use of by people. Do not hesitate to use these tools to solve your problems. In fact, knowing how to use a tool itself is a sign of wisdom. 


In summary, thanks to the technology, our life has been more convenient and wonderful. Technology has help us dealing with many problems and become essential part of our daily life. The ability of human thinking for themselves will surly not deteriorate, as technology has spare us more time to improve ourselves and do wonderful things.

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