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Profile review: T10

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I am hoping to apply to Political Science PhD programs this fall, and would appreciate a review of my profile for the top 10 departments for comparative/methodology.


I graduated last year from HYPS with GPA ~ 3.9, GRE 169Q, 167V, and have been working this year as an RA at a think-tank in DC on an RCT. Relevant coursework includes linear algebra, probability, differential equations, advanced econometrics. I majored in Economics. I wrote an honors thesis using IV, and a few other term papers using RD. One letter will come from advisor in econ who is a junior faculty member, another from an experienced econ professor, and a third from a political scientist albeit a theorist.


Any help or advice would be appreciated, particularly on LORs since only one is from a political scientist.

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It is obvious that you have a strong profile. Your admission will hinge on the strength of your letters (I.e. If those people actually know about you and write positive reviews), the strength of your personal statement (do you know what you want to study, who you will study with, why x school can help you achieve your goals etc.), and the overall quality of your application relative to other applicants (you can't control this so don't let it bother you too much).

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