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Veterans Affairs funding?


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I'm trying to figure out how on earth to pay for grad school without getting bogged down with student loans. I fortunately have Chapter 35 funding through the VA which has roughly another 24 months of payments I can use. Is anyone else utilizing Chapter 35?  I'm looking at two different schools right now and the funding from the VA is a big deciding factor.

School A operates on a typical full-time fall and spring semester schedule.

School B is a part-time schedule that is a bit odd. You go to school year round but only take one class at a time with each class lasting seven weeks.


Has anyone worked with utilizing that educational benefit from the VA while operating on a part-time schooling schedule?

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If you are part-time you will not receive the monthly stipend. I plan to use my benefits, but I will be full time so I can receive full coverage and receive my monthly stipend. During my undergrad, I was full time and had no hiccups with my benefits and hoping the same as I move on in my academic career.


I'm not using the Chapter 35, so I am sorry I can not be of more help to you.

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