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Grad School Application Question


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I am currently in the process of applying to grad school and came across a question that asked for my current salary. Why are they asking for this? I do not make a lot of money and am wondering if this will hurt my chances? They also asked for my work number if they could contact me at work. Should I put yes or no for this question? Thank you! 

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Current salary - may make a difference in any funding you may get, having less money may make for a greater amount/percentage of funding.

Work number - they are looking for as many ways to contact you as possible, no harm in giving it to them, unless you cannot receive calls at your workplace.


Neither of these questions should have any impact on their decision.

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Usually you only see this on a job application under the work history section. Were you filling out a work history section? I'm wondering if the university you are applying to paid for a similar type online application program because I can't see it as neccessary.

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