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Application for Spring 2016 of ECE PHD


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Hello everyone, I am applying for the spring semester of 2016 of PHD program in ECE department. Would any of you suggest me for some universities? I am focused in Electromagnetic and RF engineering field, hope anyone can give me some help in providing information aboutpositions available, or maybe recommend some good universities for me. I just graduated as Master degree in Syracuse University, but the university does not have enough funding for this area, so I am looking for any potential opportunities. 

my profile:
GPA 3.7 for Master in SU, 3.5 for undergraduate
no publication, but some research experience in CRLH material and antenna. Undergraduate thesis for Cassegrain Antenna
GRE 145+170+3.5
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It will be very difficult to find any program in the US that will do spring admissions for a PhD program. Usually students in the cohort take courses in the fall of some particular sequence and programs wouldn't want the applicant falling behind. The only situation I've personally seen was when a friend of mine was part of the Fulbright program and could physically not be available in the fall so the department made an exception. 

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