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Which university I should apply to given my transcript


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I am currently studying math (honours) in a university in Canada. Due to family issues that made my first and second year of very stressful,which caused problems to my mental health Anyway here is my full transcript:

First Year:
Mechanics 1: 86
Calc 1: 90
C++ programming: 91
Economics: 82
Optics: 60
Statistics: 87
Calc 2: 83
Calc 3: 95
Biology: 68
Linear algebra 73
Chemistry: 87

Second year:(very bad year for me)
First semester:
Electricity and magnetism: 60
Thermodynamics: 58
Psychology: 61

Second semester:
Geometry: 66
Modern physics: 63
Mechanics 2: 67
Analysis: 87
Riemann geometry: 90
Biology: 61

Summer semester:(Now I decided I can't let anything affect me and been really good since then!)
Differential equations: 94
Programming 2: 95
Web-programming: 84
Data structures: 88

Third year:

First semester:

Introduction to proofs: 90
Second analysis: 90
Abstract algebra: 84
Psychology 2: 81
Linear algebra 2: 86
Measure theory: 94
Complex analysis: 100
set theory: 95
Number theory: 96
Abstract algebra 3: 85
Advanced mechanics: 98 (highest grade the professor gave ever)

I am interested in mathematical physics in those universities do you think I stand a chance ? or should I consider going to lower ranked one ?



I have also research experience researched last summer in quantum information.

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