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gre issue 3


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Educational institutions have a responsibility
to dissuade students from pursuing fields of
study in which they are unlikely to succeed.
Write a response in which you discuss the extent
to which you agree or disagree with the claim.
In developing and supporting your position,
be sure to address the most compelling reasons
and/or examples that could be used to challenge
your position.
education institutes has no order on the students
they are teaching .the students are not under
them meaning education institutes need not dissuade
       they are various students studying under
various education institutes . they are not
paying money to students to make them study
moreover students are paying them to get taught
that means it's students authority on education
institutes; for example if we are a worker
getting paid by certain individual for certain
task do i demand on the directions he/she wants
me to do that task; similarly the eduacational
institutes which are under students have no
authority nevertheless responsibility on 
students career.
          other than all that, educational 
institutions has responsibility on students
present course. most of the successful 
educational institutes are those which do that.
moreover students are the ones who should 
choose their fields . ofcourse 'everybody knows
themselves the best' . students are no exception
even though a student have no knowledge on
his lateral subjects like masters for a undergraduate
he will have an aim or atleast an info on which
field he is good based on his current subjects
which is common for every student through out
the world.
         even if students' interest may be in
his defects if he believes in himself and work
hard he can do it and the only role of educational
institutes in this scenario is to support but not
persuade them to their success.
        in the end students' life should be in students'
but not educational institutes or parents
or any other guider who supports them (again 
not pursue).
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