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Controversial Fulbright research proposal?


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I'd like to apply for a Fulbright research grant next year and have been mulling over some possible research topics. I've come up with a few good ideas that I think I could develop into some interesting projects. However, the country I would like to apply to (Turkey) is very sensitive about some issues - the issues I would like to research incidentally. :)

I'm afraid that - since Turkish ed officials get final say on who gets the award - my app will be tossed aside no matter what and I'll be shooting myself in the foot. Am I being too paranoid about this? Should I go for one of the more controversial subjects or stick to neutral territory?

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I'd try to find an open-minded prof at a Turkish U who is willing to offer insight - or direct you to someone who can.

But my gut feeling is to steer your proposal into something less threatening, at the periphery of the taboo in question. Once you're there, you'll have a better sense of how much you can drift back towards the controversy in question.

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