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fully funded "safety" schools?


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hi all, as i build my list of schools to apply to i'm looking for a good amount of safety schools (e.g. lesser-known state schools, etc) that give out full funding/TAships/fellowships etc. i'm applying for sculpture as well as interdisciplinary programs. my focus is in large-scale installations so ideally places with good facilities for such endeavors. i found the thread from 2012 re: "schools w/ excellent funding" but many of those are highly selective-- several will be on my list but i'm also looking for some options that aren't as selective.


it seems like there are so many schools that might fit the bill. i'm planning on looking into:


u florida

florida state

u georgia

u maryland


michigan state u

u ohio


also i feel like there are a lot of midwestern state universities i just haven't thought to look into?


if anyone has info about these or knows of any other such schools i would really appreciate input! thank you!

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Have you looked into Northwestern? If I was dead set on a school that offered full funding + stipend that would be it. Small, but critically rigorous, and close to chicago too so that would be a huge plus.

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I feel like, once programs in ANY discipline become widely known to be fully funded, they tend to catapult up the list by several spaces and automatically become "elite," in terms of number of applications received, etc.

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You might consider adding SUNY purchase to the list. Although not everyone is fully funded everyone gets financial help. I just started as a first year mfa and I'm very d with this frequently overlooked program. Here's s post I just wrote about it. Their website is terrible

you are right tho. There are hidden gems all over the place.


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