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MS Biochemistry or MS Biomedical Science ?


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I have done BS in biochemistry from India and would like to pursue further masters. I am in a dilemma to continue with biochemistry or should i opt for bio-medical sciences. I aim is to pursue PhD, please do recommend me one course which would help me during my PhD program along with future job opportunities in the field.


Does students with MS in bio-medical science need to have license to work in hospitals or just their degree is enough? Do they get license easily or they have to struggle getting one?


Can students with MS in biochemistry work in hospitals? What are the future prospects with biochemistry degree in health industries?


I will be applying to universities in USA for spring-2016 intake. Please guide me take one of the courses.

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These are some very broad questions that will require you to conduct some research on your own before asking on these forums. What areas in biochem interest you? Are strictly wanting to work in a hospital setting? Why not apply to a PhD directly? Have you looked into all the available career paths in biochem - academia, clinical, industrial? These are a few questions that you need to answer in order to better pave the path for your future. 

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