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School for International Training (SIT)

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Hey guys,


After joining this website to try and get a feel on what's said about the School for International Training (SIT) in Brattleboro, VT, after a search I saw very little come up. I'm looking at International Education programs for Fall 2016, and SIT and the U of MN are my top 2, but SIT is first. 


What say you? Anyone out there who knows anything about SIT? I've done my research but am looking for a "real person's" opinion, not just what their website says. 



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Hi there! Interesting question because I was working in Myanmar for a few years and as a trainer in a program where I met several SIT students who helped develop curriculum for a civic education program at one of the organizations I work for. As I'm currently in a larger, more traditional IR program--kind of wished I considered SIT!! I don't know much about SIT outside from that experience alone, but what I can say from having that experience is that having a hybrid program that emphasizes work is far more valuable, I think, to get you into the field.

But again, that's all just anecdotal. I can't say anyone in my current program gets that kind of access and experience while they're in school...

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