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GRE Retake


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Hello all,

I took the GRE today and will be retaking it sometime in October. I need advice from people who also retook it with regard to long in between your first and second tests you gave yourself.

I feel I have a relatively strong foundation so I can see retaking it in two weeks or so, but I could also rationalize waiting another month just to give myself some time to refresh and what not.



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Ah, my answer probably won't help either -- I waited about a year to take it again. But it worked for me, as my score went up by 160 points.

My major strategy in between tests was to memorize as much vocabulary as possible.. just a crazy amount. I also got a couple of different review books in between, to give myself as many practice exams as possible. Good luck!

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depends on where you're weak.

Verbal takes the longest time to improve whereas the math section can be 'crammed' for. The analytical writing is somewhere in between.

The only good way to improve verbal is to read (lots of different things) to broaden your vocabulary, memorizing will help if you're pinched for time. A lot of review books will have lists of the most common words to appear in the GRE. Learning the latin and greek roots can also help.

For math you can sit down do some practice exercises, memorize the solution paths for the types of problems that give you issues, or learn the tricks that the test writers use to try to trick you.

for aw, you can just look up examples, and read up on logical fallacies and how to deconstruct an argument.

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