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Hello Everyone! this is my first post and I am looking for advice and where to apply to graduate school for a phd in Biochemistry since i feel completely lost  :blink: . Im going into my senior year with a gpa of 3.4( Junior year i held a 3.7 if that makes a difference). My gre scores are around 160 for both sections but those are just pratice i take the real thing in two weeks.  I have a full academic year of research which will continue in my senior year with two pending publications (co-author) . Im doing full time summer research now, its not a REU program or anything i just volunteered with one of my professors. I expect to get two strong LOR from each of my research mentors.  I live on Long Island and would prefer to stay in the NYC metro area but I am very willing to have to move out of state. Like I said I'm kind of freaking out since I have no clue what schools i can and cant get into so recommendations would be greatly appreciated! 



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There are many sub-areas within Biochemistry, so it would be hard to give you too specific of advice but the NYC metro area has some pretty strong schools. For example: Weill Cornell, Sloan-Kettering, Rockefeller, CUNY, Columbia, NYU, etc. I would google the bio/biochem phd granting institutes in the area to develop the initial list. Then go through faculty profiles and read some journal articles from those PI's and see if you could see yourself doing that sort of research. 


If you aren't too keen on where you'd like to end up, searching whatever biochem sub-area in pubmed and reading about the authors could lead you to other institutes doing cool research outside of the NYC area. The rule of thumb is to find 3-5 PI's at each institute or I'd highly advice against applying since you never know what could happen to a particular PI in the future (moves institutes, doesn't get tenure, retires, etc.).

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