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biomed/comp person in plant lab


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Hi, I am a grad student currently have a bit of a pickle in terms of what lab to go into. I come from a molecular biology/genetics background but I've taken up more and more bioinformatics/computational work over the past few years. Right now, I think I'm interested in biomedical type research with a mix of both analysis/tool development computational work and wetlab bench work. I'm more used to mammalian cell/mouse style labs

There is an available spot in one group that while having a very intriguing computational project is in a genetics/cell lab utilizing plants. I've never been particularly interested in plant biology or working with plants. Unfortunately my options other than this lab are more uncertain. Do any of you have any thoughts about whether I should take this spot? I'm concerned not only about my time as a grad student but my prospects should I want to pursue a future career in biomedical/human focused research. I'm a fairly mature student so I would like to minimize lengthy postdocs if possible as I feel I've lost too many years fiddling around in things that didn't help me already.


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