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Taking GRE!!! Want to get into UT Austin!!!


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Does anyone know what is the least score UT will take? I want to apply for the master's program in Autism for Fall of 2016. I take the GRE soon. Also any advice for the GRE and UT?

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According to UT Austin's Master's in Autism and Developmental Disabilities website, which explains in great detail the requirements, they suggest above a 150 on verbal and quant. See: http://www.edb.utexas.edu/education/departments/sped/prospective/requirements/

Depending on your other stats, and even regardless of them, I wouldn't aim for the minimum requirement or suggested score, but it's a good starting point.

As for specifics on UT, I can't really answer that, but their website is quite comprehensive (some programs have bare-bones websites) so you should read it closely.

For the verbal GRE, I suggest practicing vocabulary. I also liked the Manhattan Prep books that break down each section...I think it's a series of 8 books that reteaches you the kinds of math you'll encounter (6 books dedicated to math, I believe) and comes with 2 books splitting the verbal into reading comprehension and text completion. I found it useful to split my studying into chunks like this, but ultimately focused more on verbal because I'm a humanities major.

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