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Please review my Issue task!!!!!! :)


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Task : As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate.




The author's opinion on the effect of technological devices on the thinking ability of a human being appears to be moot. The last century witnessed revolutions ranging from electronics to automobiles to agriculture and various other fields. Most of these revolutions (or evolutions) had a positive effect on mankind.

        The author appears to find fault with technology rather than the person who is either using it or applying it. A simple example would be the use of calculator. Calculators are generally used to solve difficult arithmetic problems. But there are people who overuse it even for simple calculations. This may be due to the person being lethargic , if it's a child he has not developed the basic arithmetic skills which may be due to introducing the calculator at an early age. This illustrates that technology ,if used judiciously , would cause no harm and infact would be beneficial.

        The author seems to be under the impression that all the problems that can be solved using technology can be solved by humans on paper. This is grossly incorrect. For example , consider numerical methods. Numerical methods generally involve an iterative process which can be solved on paper if the no. of iterations are few but becomes quite complicated if the no. of iterations go beyond a particular number. It is for this reason that computers are being used to solve these problems and the continual increase in the processing power is complementing the use of technology. The classic example would be the 'Travelling Salesman Problem'.

     As it is previously mentioned the effect of technology on human beings would depend on human beings use it. Overuse may turn out to be detrimental but judicious use will ever be beneficial.

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