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European schools v. US schools for MPP & MIA


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The majority of reputed MPP/MIA schools are in the US, leaving few good European schools. I am focusing only on European schools for my Masters. i am planning to apply to Grad Inst, Geneva, Science Po, Hertie , Oxford, Kings college, UCL, London. Can anyone arrange these schools rank wise, the better among  these?


 All these schools have different programs. Some offer only MPP, other only MIA, only one or two both. How to choose the schools?


Secondly, am I losing out anything by not applying to US schools?  As European ones are equally reputed.

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I don't know much about Kings College, UCL or Oxford in regards to an MPP/MIA, but I have heard nothing but good things about LSE, Sciences Po and Grad Inst. I have heard especially good things about LSE in regards to public policy, especially if you are interested in the finance part of it. Hertie is one of the up and coming schools in Public and International Policy and I have heard many say it is one of the most innovative schools in the field at the moment.

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