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Depressed Speech Undergrad.. Are there any other options? :(


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Hello everyone, I hope you're having a good day.


Before I rant, this is my first post and I have read a few forum posts similar to this and read some great feedback & advice from people on this forum. Everyone is so helpful.


I am 26 year-old male and have a Bachelor's in Speech Therapy, but cannot get into grad school and many know you can't do much with just a Speech Bachelors.. I have been working as a tutor and Special Education assistant, and volunteering at a hospital to gain more experience, but it still not enough for grad school..


Does anyone know any other possible routes I can go to? Is it possible to go into another Master's program with just a Speech Bachelors?


Here is my background -

I graduated with a Speech Bachelor in 2012, and tried applying two times already (almost 3 as I asked for letters, but personal problems arose and could not apply), but have been rejected every time.

My overall GPA was a 3.5, my unfortunately my past 60 units were about a 3.15 and GRE score around the 30 percentile, but worked as a tutor and volunteered at speech office. I started up getting a job as a Special Ed assistant so I can learn more about disorders, but have come to a stop in life. I also have to spend a lot of time taking care of my mom as she is disabled as well..


It has gotten me to the point where I feel like I have just failed because it has been 3 years since I've graduated.. and feel like I won't be able to become financially stable in the near future with the situation I am in. Can someone please give me any advice? please and thank you so much..



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Hi Renci,

Of course, I don't totally know what's going on, but I just wanted to say that you're not t a dead end. I understand that you've put a ton of effort into getting into graduate school for a clinical master's in speech pathology. It looks like getting into the master's for SLP is what you wanted, but circumstances are not allowing it. However, they are other things you can consider doing. It all depends on your interests/goals though. So my 1st piece of advice is to think of what you'd really like to do if you weren't in a slump.

I don't know if you have the time for it, but if you are interested in seeing that something in psychology would interested you, then there are post-bacc programs that might help you boost your GPA and take courses (in my opinion, courses are good because you can chat with professors and they can help you with academic/career directions). However, I think your bigger issue would be the GRE. Do you think you could study up and retake it?



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