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Combine higher section scores from multiple tests


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Hello grad cafe,


I was really happy that I had a huge improvement in verbal section on my second test. However, I was surprised that my quant score dropped a couple. So my question is, if I send both test scores to the grad school (1st attempt: 150 verbal, 170 quant; 2nd attempt: 158 verbal, 164 quant), will they pick the higher score of each section?


I know I have the option to take GRE for the third time but... I really had enough taking it twice. The test room in our school makes me want to throw up.




Thanks guys. And best of luck to all the GRE fighters out there!

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You have a bit of a tricky situation here. As a engineering student, I presume the QR score is a bit more of importance than your VR. I would suggest looking at previous scores of students accepted into your programs of choice and determining if the 150 is good enough for your VR. If so, then you can just submit your first one. Alternatively, you can also see how the QR scores are like as well. A 164 is approximately 88th percentile which is pretty awesome. That might be good enough when paired with a decent 158 for VR. 

Unfortunately, the GRE is a numbers game all in all. Good luck!

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