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Applying to Systems Biology from a non biology major: International Student


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I am in a dilemma,because I am interested in Computational Biology/ Biophysics, but my institution does not give a separate minor in this field. I am an EECS major, in my senior year, and am looking for applying to Computational Biology groups, because I have (some) research experience in Biophysics and Systems Biology.


My Profile:


Undergrad school: Indian Institute of Technology,

Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

GPA: 3.98, Top of my class

Type of Student: International

Research interests: Systems biology, Engineering in Biology


Research Experience:

  • Two years in a sys bio group in my home institution,
  • One summer in a biophysics lab at MIT
  • One summer in a (somewhat related to dynamical systems, but not bio) lab


  • One IEEE Conference in Medicine
  • One IEEE Conference (floating)


How would you rate my position with :

  • Harvard Systems Biology,
  • MIT CSBi
  • Princeton Quantitative Biology
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