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POLITSCI '15 / 3rd Political Science Conference

Burcin Ercan

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Special Focus: Power and Resistance: Current Debates and Historical Backgroundwww.politsciconference.org

POLITSCI '15 / 3rd Political Science Conference will be held on December 11-12, 2015 in Istanbul. The conference will be brought to life by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) and organized by BİLSAS (Science, Art, Sport Productions).
This year's conference will focus primarily on power and resistance. The means of formation of authoritarian power, potentialities of resistance to authoritarianism, social movements, dialectics of force and consent in the creation of power, and the means of ideological legitimization of government policies are among the themes to be tackled within the framework of the 2015 conference.
The conference aims to constitute a forum for prolific exchanges between different theoretical perspectives, interests and concerns prevalent within political science. We welcome papers based on original research in politics. We also encourage submission of abstracts derived from papers in other disciplines, including history, philosophy, and economics, hoping to engage in inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary dialogues that will add to our understanding of what political theory may mean for people today living in rapidly changing national, social and cultural contexts.
Our hope is to initiate fruitful discussions aiming at expanding the horizons of political theory through problematizing traditional boundaries, mainstream perspectives and concerns. 
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