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Q 166 V 157 AWA 4/6 should a CS Masters candidate retake the Exam?

ev a.

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Hello, I feel pretty horrible about my scores. Not verbal, since I am not a native speaker hence did not expect a stellar record on that yet I believe my presumably two mistakes on quantitative really hurts my chances. Probably I can score 170 next time yet my verbal and AWA may drop.

As a CS MS candidate (not PhD hence maybe these are not that horrible scores) with good rest of the profile (gpa lors sop etc) should I retake the exam?I feel my analytical writing and quantitative can really hurt me. Am I right? Is it worth to take another shot or should this suffice?

I am applying to McGill, Toronto, UT Texas, U of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, EPFL, Delft.

Not ivy league or top tier but pretty good schools I think. So I would like to max. my chances, but if GRE is only a filter for applications and these are above that threshold, I would probably be better off spending my time on other endeavours.

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