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Which schools do I have a chance for bio?

bio applicant

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For Ph.D, I'm considering neuroscience, immunology, or cell biology related Ph.D field but haven't really started looking in seriously. With my stats, where would I generally have a chance? (I know this varies I just want to know the range)

Undergrad: Top 10 public university, strong in the sciences. Major: Neuroscience

GPA: 3.7X

GRE: most likely to be sufficiently high score.

Research: 1 psychology paper (1 yr research) published at an undergraduate journal, 2 presentations (one at school level, other national level). MAYBE 1 bio publication (2nd or 3rd) coming up before application (2 yrs research). Research concentration: one of the diseases.

TAed for 1 upperdiv and 1 lowerdiv

Editor at an undergraduate research journal at the school

1 school summer research scholarship, 1 other school academic scholarship, 2 decent sized private scholarships


What do I have to improve on and where would I have chance at? Thanks.

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My advice to you is to look up top programs in your areas of interest. Neuro, immuno, and cell bio are HUGE fields and not at all specific. Spend time looking up which universities are ranked best in your programs of interest and use this as a start. (Ranking doesn't always equal quality, but it is a start.) Further delve into these programs and look at the individual researchers there. Is anyone researching what you want to research? If yes, that is a program and school to keep on your list. If no, move on down the line. No one here or anywhere else can tell you which programs to research specifically. This is going to take leg work on your part. 

I certainly think you have a good chance, at least to get past the "paper" part of the application. Interviewing comes down to your personality and your knowledge of your research/ability to communicate your research. Have you taken the GRE yet? 

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