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Profile evaluation for MS/PhD in statistics


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I am looking to apply to statistics programs for Fall 2016 and a profile evaluation would be really helpful. I am afraid that my profile is not strong enough to get me into a MS/PhD program.


I got my Bachelor's degree in mathematics from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece with a GPA of 7.15/10. Used the WES iGPA Calculator and my scored converted to 3.13/4.

GRE score: 153 Verbal and 165 Quantitative, I don't know my score on AWA yet.

Haven't given TOEFL yet, but I believe I can get a decent score (100+)

I could also take the GRE Subject test if it could help me overcome my mediocre grades.

About the letters of recommendation, I will get two from professors I know. Last year I worked voluntarily as a statistician for a small basketball team. The league didn't have official records apart from points, so I recorded all the statistics during the match and produced advanced statistics (using formulas I found online) to help the coach get a better evaluation of the team's performance. So, I was thinking that I could get a LOR from the coach I worked with the past year. Is this gonna help my profile or is it better to get a LOR from another professor?

I don't have any other work/research experience.


I know my academic records are not high enough to get me into a top program, but is there any university I could apply to that I would have a chance to get admitted? Is there anything else I could do to improve my profile? Is there any possibility I could get admit in a PhD program?


Thank you for your time.

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What kind of math/statistics/computer science courses have you taken?

I think it is better to get a LOR from a professor in math/statistics who can attest to your quantitative ability. Perhaps a masters program might be a better fit since PhD programs usually look for some research experience and strong academic records (especially in math classes).

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Calculus I, II ,III, IV

Real Analysis

Linear Algebra I, II

Algebraic Structures I, II

Mathematical Methods in Operational Research

Probability Theory I, II


Statistics (worked with SPSS), Mathematical Statistics, Statistical Inference,Statistical Analysis of Chaos

Theoretical Informatics

Computer Programming (worked with C++)

Symbolic Programming Languages (worked with Mathematica)

Regression Models and Applications in Knowledge Processing (worked with R)




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There are many schools for which you are qualified. Your background is above average and most deparments should value this over a higher gpa with less variety of coursework.

  I would say you can get into a decent Phd program.  You should apply to a couple masters programs incase you dont get into a Phd. Then you can apply to a Phd in another year or two.

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