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Calc/Physics Transcript Advice


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Hi Guys,


I need a bit of advice for applying for the Fall 2016 semester.

Here's some background:  I graduated Dec 2014 with a BS in Environmental studies with a concentration in Earth Science (3.4 GPA). I want to get my Masters in Geology/Geoscience and hope to focus on petrology/structural geology. Unfortunately my undergraduate school was a liberal arts college and doesn't have a graduate program so I had little opportunity to get involved in graduate level research. I did however intern and eventually work at a mineral processing lab that is part of a larger state school and I also completed a research project on optical mineralogy and presented my poster at a GSA section meeting. Anyway, my main problem is my lack of physics and math courses. They were not required in my degree and I honestly didn't have enough time to take them because my liberal arts curriculum required a shit load of other classes. After I graduated I took a Calc I and physics course at a local community college but I totally bombed my calc class and I got a C in physics.


I am re taking Calc I now, but I am really nervous that it is going to make me look terrible to potential graduate schools when I apply for the Fall 2016 semester. I am going to try my hardest to make an A, but the grade won't be available to graduate schools until after I submit all my apps, so idk what to do. Should I just not send the transcripts because they technically aren't part of my undergraduate degree and were just some extra classes I decided to take on my own time? I feel like that would be really dishonest and then be really awkward when I finally have to send the transcripts over to prove that I took Calc and physics.


PS I am also hoping to take Calc II and physics II next semester as well.


Thanks for reading this!!

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You should submit all transcripts that you are asked to submit. Sometimes, a school will only ask for transcripts from institutions where you completed a degree program. I'm not sure there is much more you can do other than let the school know you are retaking the courses. Hopefully, the program in Geology/Geoscience will not weigh your physics/calculus courses that much so it will have little effect. If you don't get in this year, then perhaps trying again next year with improved grades might help.

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