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Hello all!  Just wondering if anyone who is going to or has already finished the AuD program at Pacific can comment on the program and the area the school is in?  I am not super well traveled and have never been to Oregon so I am just curious if the cost of living is high, where inexpensive but still nice places to live might be, etc.  And as far as the program, i'm mainly curious about how generous they are with funding, how the overall attitude of your professors are, and the rigor of the program itself since it is accelerated.  Really, any information anyone could have to contribute would be helpful :rolleyes:


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Hi there,

I am a first year student at PU-Oregon so I think I can offer you some valuable information. I have only been in the program about a month so I'm not an expert but here are some details I do know.


The AuD program here is on a campus separate from PU's undergraduate courses. Your classes are located on the 4th floor of the Medical Plaza which is basically an extension of the hospital. This is convenient as your classroom is located here as well as a clinic with which you will be getting some of hours from. You will also receive hours from places outside this clinic however, so having a car is NECESSARY! I'm not sure if this is the case for every cohort but next week we will be starting clinical hours and traveling to several elementary schools throughout the area (hence importance of a car).


As for professors, EVERYONE is extremely friendly and approachable. I love them all and they are willing to do anything to help you. Several professors even give out their cell-phone numbers to students at say that it is okay to call at any hour. The professors truly care about your mental health and well-being and are very supportive. I have never felt so welcomed at any other school.

Unfortunately, I do not know too much about funding. I have a graduate assistantship that takes $1,500 off of my tuition and a $1,500 stipend... However, it is VERY difficult to manage a GA and school. My books for the entire year costed roughly $800 (I did buy them all new though). 

As for the intensity of the program...

Every second that you are awake you will be spending in school, doing homework, or studying. If you have ever taken an accelerated summer class in undergrad it is very similar to this. I do love the block curriculum however, it is important to realize that you will be sitting in class learning at least 5 hours worth of material. You cover A LOT in one day so there is a lot of studying to do each night and sometimes more than 100 text book pages of reading. Also, it is important to note that although you will only be taking one class there are still other elements of the program that require attention. On top of class there is lab, clinic, and seminar each week which also have assignments you will need to complete outside of class.

I am at school for over 9 hours a day (most days). I get home at around 5, eat dinner, and then study and do homework until bed. I usually wake up early to finish studying/reading. You really have to keep up with the material you learn each day and can't really skip a day of studying because you cover SO MUCH in a single day and will easily fall behind. 


Hillsboro is a highly hispanic area and there is not much of a town but just a short 15 minute drive to Beaverton( lots of students live here) and there is lots of shopping and things to do. The MAX rail stops pretty much right in front of campus if you do decide to live downtown  Portland (I wouldn't not recommend but people do). Apartments are pricy and I would definitely suggest a roommate. You won't find a one bedroom for much less than $1,200. I share an apartment with one other person and pay $800 a month + gas/electric & internet.  There are people who live with several roommates and pay as low as $400. Housing is something you will not worry about till pretty much a month or two before you move out here. Most housing is in surrounding areas but there is some in Hillsboro.

I don't mean for any of this to scare you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the program. It is intense as is any graduate program. You have an Exam on Friday every 2 weeks and as long as you pass this you then get a weekend of freedom- no studying, no nothing. This is the best feeling ever!

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Thank you for all the information, I really appreciate the insight.  Maybe I read all of that wrong, but it actually doesn't sound too scary. Anyhow, I did think of a couple of other questions to ask :D it may sound odd, but how dog friendly would you say  portland and surrounding areas are?  I have a dog and I am absolutely, positively not rehoming her, so just wondering if a place like hillsboro or other smaller, more rural areas would be realistic to consider instead of portland.  Also, Pacific's website says the 3rd year externship can be done out of state, without delaying graduation.  Have you met or heard of people that have done it in other states?  Ideally, I would love to come back to Cali for my externship year.

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Everywhere here is very dog friendly, I myself have a dog. I will tell you that it is VERY VERY difficult however to balance him and school. We do get a lunch break almost everyday but that means you will be missing out on good discussion and time spent practicing. A lot of outside class time is required to master learning the different devices and I definitely miss out on that. I will be leaving my dog with my parents at Christmas time which is really hard for me but almost necessary. Your second and third year you will most likely not be in Oregon. Your second year you are only in Hillsboro for 6 months total (about 2 month increments). You will be applying to internships which are not in the area and across all of the United States. This is something very big to take into consideration as it is possible you may need to pay two rents depending on where you get accepted for placements. Your third year you can also be wherever you want. There is a very very slim chance you will get your placements in Oregon either years. 

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