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CVs or Publication Histories?


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Do y'all include your publication history in your applications?
At the moment the schools I'm aiming for don't necessarily ask or deny resumes, and I kinda want to add mine considering it's pretty good, in my opinion.
I'm on contract with Mask Magazine (while I freelance on the side and have a growing list of publications, which could really be helpful for a nonfiction resume), a writing tutor and fellow (basically a TA), president of the English Council of Majors.
I assume since the MFA programs I'm applying to offer teaching fellowships and I'm publishing my work in some places(with two years left in undergrad; that list will grow!), a resume would definitely help me stand out alongside my samples. Or, at least, it wouldn't help.
But I dunno!! Would it help or hurt?

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This reply comes late, but maybe it will still be helpful to you or others.

The short answer: It can only help!

The schools I applied to had places for publication history and teaching history to be included. One of the applications had an optional CV upload space.

If you find during the application process that there isn't a specific place for these items, absolutely include them elsewhere! If appropriate, try incorporating that info in your SOP or have an extra LOR from a supervisor-type that works with you in tutoring or can speak for your freelance publications. I say "extra LOR" because you still want all those important academic recommendations.

Best of luck!

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