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Profile evaluation for PhD in Statistics


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I am applying for PhD programs in statistics this December, and I would appreciate honest suggestions on what schools I could get accepted in.

I studied Applied Math and Econ at a Mexican University that is not very well known but has sent some students to TOP 10 universities previously.

My GPA is 9.2/10 for both majors, I have taken several probability and statistics courses, two real analysis courses and numerical analysis and operations research courses as well, but my grades in all of them range between 8/10 and 9/10.

I have done some research but we haven't published anything yet, and I did an internship abroad as well, but not in the US. I currently work at a Private Equity Fund.

For the GRE I got 170 on quant, 154 on verbal and 4 on AWA. Haven't given TOEFL yet, but I believe I can get a decent score (100+)

The letters of recommendation are good but now from well known professors.

I have no idea what programs I should apply to, and I want to reach out but also I don't want to get rejected from everywhere so I would really appreciate any feedback. If you need any additional information please let me know. 

Thank you!

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I went to NMSU in Las Cruces, NM it is a nice campus with many talented professors and research groups.

Diversity was greatly valued.  You may also consider applying to smaller campuses that are affordable and may offer scholarships to international students.

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