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My chance of admission into US top 10 engineering program


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Hello everyone, 

Last year, I applied for 17 different programs in US and Canada from the very best programs to mediocre ones. I was hoping to get admitted to couple of them; but, I did not get into even one university. For last year, I had 2 journal papers (no impact factor) and 3 submitted journal papers (High impact factor from 3 to 5). My master GPA was 4/4 and my bachelor GPA was 3.7/4. One problem with my application is my university. It is a 15 year old university in middle east and I guess most professors do not know anything about it. I also did not contact any potential advisor. 

This year, I have 5 journal papers (3 high impact factor: 2.7, 4.9, 5.6), 2 conference papers, 8 submitted journal papers ( all high impact factor journal) and 1 patent application. I hope that two or three submitted journal papers get accepted by 1st of December. Should I even bother applying for top 10 universities or not? I'll be grateful if anyone can give me some advice regarding my application to improve my chance of admission.

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