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Between master in stats or OR


Shall i do the master in applied stats or operations research  

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Hello, i would like some opinions while i am making a decision. I am a finance major soon to graduate and i am thinking of a master in statistics degree. I want to improve my (nonexistent) analytical methods, and add more tools to my hand rather then 1-2 regression classes i have taken. The program i am considering has 2 routes, can you share me your opinion?


common courses 

statistic inference 
linear model 
time series 
operation research 0 
multivariate analysis 
financial math 
numerical method in finance 
operation research I 

route 1 
R/spss programming 
general linear model 
sampling methods 
categorical analysis 
quality control 

route 2 
financial math II 
risk management 
operation research integer programming 
>> dynamic programming 
queuing theory 
inventory theory 


My concerns are, i am familiar with the idea of financial math, i just need to know the analytical methods to perform what i know in theory. So the problem is, while route 2 is in the sector i am interested, i feel like i am missing too much, by route 1 (like bayesian, glm , sampling and ofc R) while the finance part I) i know many things cause of my first degree II) both routes have some courses in that.

Which is more complete program?

Which route can i self study if i know the other.?

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The OR track.  However I am biased because my MS was IEOR.  The OR track will be slightly more applied than stats.  For me OR classes really helped with grasping practical applications.  Keep in mind that the common core courses appear to have survey courses in both areas. 

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I would vote for the statistics track, purely because it opens more options. Nearly all jobs open to OR majors would be open to Stats majors, but the converse is not true. However, if you have identified which type of job you want to get into (quant finance), then it makes sense to pursue the track best suited for the same which appears to be OR.

However, do note that if you have a change of heart somewhere down the line, or if you don't like quant finance after a few years, Stats degree will open significantly more opportunities (e.g. in Healthcare) than OR. (PS: My brother was debating Stats vs OR, ended up applying to both, and enrolled in Stats).

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