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Please help!---Course Advice for Biostatistics


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I am currently a Chemistry junior in UCB (Asian, international, female). I chose Chemistry as freshman basically because I wanted a major that combined math and science (especially health field). Then I had a summer intern in lab this summer and found I didn't like the experience. I never thought I could pursue health field in stats major until I found biostats.  

Since I have other major requirements, I can probably add only 5 extra math/stats/cs courses in my four semesters (maybe more if I don't do research during summer). Also, most of my upper division chemistry courses are analytical (stats-related) and physical chemistry (calculus, linear algebra and differential equation as prerequisite).


Courses I've taken in lower division:

      Calculus 1, 2, 3

      Linear Algebra

      Differential Equation


Course currently taking: 



Courses considering:

      Concepts in Computing with Data (with R)

      Concepts of Statistics (with R, the course above as prerequisite)

      Real analysis 1, 2

      Numerical analysis 1,2

      upper division linear algebra

      Programming (Python, C, Java, etc.)


Please mention other recommended courses if needed. Also, should I consider MS only since relatively I do not have a strong math background? Thank you in advance for the advice.

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