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Latest date for GRE?


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Application date is in early January.

I had been planning on taking in October and re-taking if needed in November.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons that were beyond my control, studying didn't start until early October. For a while I was thinking I should just go ahead with a later October date (latest the 29th) so that I can re-take still in November if necessary. However, I really don't have $150 to pour down the drain for a test for which I am not ready.

If I took it in November, does that kill my chances of a re-take if I do poorly? Or as long as my re-take was early December, might I be okay?

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I think an early December re-take date should be ok for January deadlines. Unless something goes missing, chances are your scores will get there before the deadline. I don't know if your schools allow it, but some places will accept an unofficial copy of the score report (basically you can fax them your own copy once you get it in the mail) and will put it in your file until the official report is received. In any case, even if it arrives a little late, most schools won't just toss your application. They'll hold it until it's completed and then pass it on to the department.

I think it's much wiser to take your time and study properly, in which case you're also likelier not to need a re-take to begin with. So, study hard and go with the November date. Good luck!

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