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Reporting Unofficial Scores


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I did okay on my first GRE test, but not great and my advisor is saying that I should be able to do 100 points better if I really, really give it a go. I am studying very good. I have the swine flu a week before my test (couldn't study or sleep) and had no computer, so I was constantly distracted and running around to labs to write papers for classes. Oh yeah, and that meant I couldn't study at all for it with Higher Score or Power Prep. I know I can do better - especially now that I know the exam format.

Anyhow, I have contacted a couple of early application schools. Harvard told me not rush and that they will accept as late as Jan 8. UC Berkeley wants them on the 2nd, but they can be unofficial. I don't know about Princeton or Stanford yet, but I will assume the same.

How do I get them my unofficial scores before the officials come back? Is there a way to do this?


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Do you need unofficial score reports or just the scores? For the verbal/quant sections you'll know your scores as soon as you complete the test (and at that time you can immediately have scores sent to some schools). If you can provide those scores within the application somewhere, then fax/email the report you get in the mail, and then have the official scores sent.

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