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I need another elective-Masters in Econ


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Hey y'all,

I'm currently doing my Masters in Economics at a university that is designed to prep students for either industry or a PhD in Econ. I can choose to do a 1 or 2 year(the 2nd year involves research) program

essentially aside of my core Master level Micro Theory, Macro Theory and Economics stats classes, I have to decide on an elective. I was suggested to take a math elective such as Real Analysis however I was thinking about taking Abstract or retaking another math class instead

my current credentials from undergrad are the following:


Undergraduate University: Top 50 Econ, Top 50 Math

-Math Classes:Calc I(B), Calc II(B-), Calc III(C), Intro to proofs(B+), Proof based Linear Algebra(W,A), Proof Based Real Analysis I(A), and Proof Based Real Analysis II(B+)

-Stat Classes: Intro to probability (W,B-)

-Economic Classes:Principle Micro/Macro(A,A), Intermediate Micro/Macro(B+,B+), International trade(B+), International Macro(A), Undergraduate Honors Empirical Research(B+)

GRE: 154Q/146V


I’m doing this Masters to remedy my grades during undergrad therefore increase my chances of attending not only a better PhD program but also receiving funding.


the first and second semester of the first year of my Masters program are as follows

Fall 2015


-Masters level Micro Theory I

-Masters level Macro Theory I

-Stats(equivalent to taking intro to probability again)


Spring 2016


-Masters Level Micro Theory II

-Masters Level Macro Theory II


That being said, I have to chose an elective this and next semester. I have been strongly suggested to do Real Analysis I/II but I already received an A and B+. I would like to clean up the B+ in Real Analysis II to an A. They told me to retake Real just incase my school was not as rigorous as theirs. However, my undergrad’s Math department was Top 50(and offered much more math electives) whereas this university’s(where I’m doing my Masters) math department ranks Top 70. should I take Abstract instead? Or perhaps calc 3 again? I also have an option to take math classes for Spring 2016 at another nearby University that offers more electives such as stochastic processes, intro to Topology and time series for my second elective that semester.

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Take stochastic proceses or time series.  Stochastic processes is a really good course and is a real eye opener in applied probability.  Time series is for more about dynamic processes than parameter estimates and regression.  I definitely would not retake anything.  As long as you have atleast B no one really cares.  Breadth is far more important.

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