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Non-CS wants to try his luck in Computer Science


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Dear All!

I have done my B.Tech in Metallurgy from IIT Kharagpur( 8.1 cg). I planned to go for MS in operations research but that didn't happen (GRE: 329 with 169 quant; TOEFL 108; Year 2012). After graduation(2013), I joined a financial tech company as a software developer where I supported their C++ product, then I switched to a quant dev role in a bank where I work in C++ to create in-house applications and do excel work.

I have one paper in a elsevier journal on machine learning (2011). My primary interest lies in the same domain. Should I apply in this field given fierce competition?Or should I opt for less favoured ones? Or maybe go for HCI?

Reco: One from the prof under whom I did the paper, one from my manager(maybe)

I have worked mainly in C++, have some experience with web technologies. I have no UG coursework in CS apart from introductory one in first year; I have completed Algo I, II in Coursera and Machine Learning in both coursera and edx - thats it. 

Now I have a wish of doing MS in CS from one of the top schools in US. I have to give toefl again. Any suggestions on the schools that might consider me given my background? 

Thank you very much :)


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I am in a very similar position too, but shooting for PhD instead of MS. I did my B.Tech in Mech from another old IIT, and have my interests in AI/ML too. Last year I applied and got into scientific computing programs, but I realized my interests fall more in the AI side as opposed to CFD and computer simulations side. Why don't you consider MS or M.Tech (CS) in IIT Kgp? I am looking at IITK as my backup option in case I don't get into CS programs in the US (and try again for PhD 2 years later). They have 2-3 good faculty (one IITK B.Tech + PhD) and seem to have a good track record with placing students in top labs like MSR, Google, or Xerox. Of course I am interested in PhD, so it doesn't make any sense for me to spend money on MS.

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I am not so sure if they will even look at my application for PhD and I am not so sure about going for PhD too. I plan to do MS so that they take me seriously for phd but mostly I will join ML division of a company upon graduation.

I don't want to do it from india because if I don't get into Google/MSR I'll be at the same situation as a software dev in some tech company where I will be if I just keep working for two years. 

So I am looking for any US MS programs that may consider me. Thanks.

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MS programs are much less competitive.  Look for one that allows probationary admission.  This will allow you to take a few fundamental courses before admission.  Some may not count towards the MS some might.  Your first couple courses after that will likely be senior/lower level graduate courses.

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