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Which IR masters programs should i apply to


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Trying to create a list of 6 or so IR masters programs to apply to (general programs or international econ)

GRE verb 99 percentile quantitative 80 percentile writing 98 percentile (5.5)

GPA: 3.4 in history from top 20 national university

Will have a year of work experience when I'd enter Fall 2016

Any advice on chances/reaches/safeties is much appreciated.  Trying to stay East Coast.  Thank!

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I'm applying for the same major, but my schools are scattered all over.  With your scores, you could apply to a top 10 graduate program, though there are some other really great programs not in the top 10 (UT Austin, Boston University, for example.)  The deadline for UT Austin has already passed, but Boston's isn't until April, so that should give you plenty of time.  

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Refer to this website for a ranking of top Master's programs. SAIS + All the Ivy league programs require strong quantitative skills. Their curriculums are econ heavy. Can't really give you more information unless you list your work experience, research, and honors. Top 10 is easy, but for most Master's programs in IR, the hard part is getting funding. 



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