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Statistics PhD profile evaluation


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I was hoping to get some suggestions as to which statistics programs I should apply to; I am in a small liberal arts college with a small mathematics department. Currently, areas I have some interest in are Stochastic Processes and Epidemiology. Some of the schools I have been looking at include:

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

University of Rochester

University of Wisconsin – Madison



Undergrad: Public Liberal Arts College

Major: Applied Mathematics

Minor: Physics

Undergraduate GPA: 3.64   Math GPA: 3.73

Research: Was involved in an Applied Mathematics REU this last summer (Working on getting a paper from this)

Programming: Matlab, R, Mathematica, Python (a little)

Stats course taken(ing): Probability, Statistics, Multivariate Statistics

Math courses taking(ing): Real Analysis I/II, Numerical Analysis I/II, ODE/PDE/Theory of ODE, Modeling Biological Systems, Linear Algebra II, Topology, Abstract Algebra

GRE (plan on retaking):

Q 162

V 162

AW 3.5

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