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Environmental Policy/Studies Programs


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I graduated last spring from New College of Florida (which has a required undergrad thesis) with a degree in Environmental Science. I'd like to do a degree that combines an little bit of science with environmental knowledge, particularly towards conservation or climate change. I'm also thinking about marine policy.

I haven't taken the GRE yet but I tend to score well on standarized tests. I have a 3.7 GPA from community college, but New College doesn't do grades so I have no GPA for my last 2.5 years of school.

I was the Vice President of Green Affairs in student government and worked a sustainability coordinator job with the cafeteria. I also had a one month ecotourism creation internship.

Preferably something in the United States, but I wouldn't deny the perfect choice if it was overseas.

What are some good suggestions for programs? I really want an interdiscplinary program focus rather than one that's strictly political since I want to use my science background.

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Kind of an old thread, but I graduated from LSU's ENVS program last year. They take an interdisciplinary approach. I got to take field-based science classes and also law classes in the law school. It was a good experience. 

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