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Include unfinished degree on app?

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Hi all

I asked a similar question a while back but am looking for some advice.  I completed my BA in 2010 then MA in 2011 (history).  I decided to hold off on a PhD indefinitely, I wasn't sure if I would ever do it, largely because life prevented me from getting great marks in the MA - it was only 3 classes and I got 80, 81, and 75 so average of 79ish.

Anyway, I finally decided I would like to do the PhD but decided to try to do some more MA level classes (Interdisciplinary Humanities) to improve my application.  I did, and did quite well with an 85 average, so would like to include it on applications.  But in order to do the courses I had to enroll in the program (I was only worried about completing courses but would have been happy to finish the program if able).  I did receive external funding for the first year but not for the second year and therefore couldn't finish the program.

So my question is this - would it look bad to include an unfinished second MA on PhD applications even though it shows the good marks?  Would I be better served to leave it off?  I was also hoping to use one of the profs as a reference, so there's that as well.

Any thoughts here would be appreciated.

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I think if you can explain that you didn't complete the second program because of funding issues, then it would not be a problem at all.

If you do choose to leave it off, remember to read each school's application instructions carefully. Many schools require you to list all graduate programs attended/matriculated, whether or not you finished so leaving it off might mean that you are lying when you sign your application and this can have ramifications later on.

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