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Masters in Genetic Counselling


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I recently began looking into doing my masters in genetic counselling, but I wasn't able to find much info on forums and was wondering if anyone has had experiences applying in Canada. I'm mostly interested in the genetic counselling masters program offered at UBC in Canada. My major concern is my lack of counselling experiences, although I've had a diverse range of experiences that allowed me to work with people from different backgrounds. If anyone has any helpful information to share, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance !

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hey, even i am interested in this course. but i too dont have counselling experience.

also, is it necessary to have studied a paper in psychology to apply for this course ? without this subject i will not be able to apply is it ?


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Hi! I'm a first time applicant this year but I know a lot of people who have applied before. Generally it's really important to have 6-12 months of some sort of counselling experience before applying - be it at a crisis call line, Planned Parenthood, or other peer mentorship activity. It's also important to have tried to have interviewed/met a genetic counselor, worked or volunteered for one, or if you can, shadow one for just a day - anything shows how motivated you are.

Besides trying your best to have good grades and ECs, my friends who have applied before have generally been unsuccessful due to their personal statement - make sure you use any school resources or other supports you have to make your essay(s) be strong. You can also write the GRE and apply to the states, since Canadian schools are so competitive and may take multiple tries.

So that's a basic idea of things to work on, regardless on if you've applied this year or intend to apply next year.

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