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Low undergrad GPA/high postgrad GPA in a diff field - pls comment?


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Hoping people could help me out with my predicament. I'm 28 from the Philippines and really want to do graduate school.

My undergrad degree was Chemistry. I took a postgrad degree in Biology. The reason for the shift was because I have multi-disciplinary interests that generally fall towards the direction of Life and Nutritional Sciences.

I scored above average (C/C-) in Chemistry but far better in my postgrad (B+/A). The low grades in college were a result of not being able to properly manage the academic demands of the honors program while I was in a position of student leadership. Unfortunately I didn't finish the postgrad degree because of personal, financial, and geographical issues that just made it impossible to finish the degree. 

Now I have a professional career as a brewer/brewing scientist (I make beer!) and I really want to take up Food Science and Engineering, or even Fermentation Science. But I'm worried about the low undergrad GPA. Does my result in postgrad performance (i.e. higher GPA, did not finish) reflect relatively poorly on my academic ability? 

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