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GRE subject test in psych, applying to neurosci?


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Hi all,

I'm planning to apply to neuroscience PhD programs this year, and have started to notice a number of my top schools "recommend" taking the GRE subject test. I majored in psychology, have taken required science courses, but feel most versed in psych. My question is whether it would still be helpful to take the Psych GRE test, if I've majored in it, or would neuroscience programs look more favorably on biological tests? Is mid-october too late to take the subject test?


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I agree with the post above; it depends on the program you want to apply to. If you are looking at neuroscience from a molecular/cellular level (like how does a neuron make connections with other neurons or how does a zebra coordinate movements), then you might want to take the biology subject tests. If you are looking at neuroscience in a way that is, for example, the neuroanatomy of drug addict as a function of how far he/she in treatment (I have no idea... I am not in a neuroscience PhD program lol) ...then you might want to take the psychology subject tests.

I think that in those in biologically oriented neurosciences are less likely to take the subject GRE test than those who are applying to more psychologically oriented neuroscience programs, but don't take my word on this until you ask professors or people who've already gotten in. What matters most is to figure out what programs you want to apply to and then look up what most programs require and recommend that you do to successfully apply.

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