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Hey guys,


I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same problem as me. I took the GREs in June, and sent two of my free scores to CSDCAS schools. But now that the application is open, my GRE scores haven't shown up yet on CSDCAS. Has anyone else who took their GREs before the application opened up have this problem? Thanks in advance!

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Not sure if this is really the same, but a grad student in one of my classes told me not to count on having my scores sent automatically.  Meaning if I choose the schools to send my scores to when taking the GRE, I need to be prepared to send them again.  (I haven't taken the GRE yet).  She said that the schools she chose to send scores to must have thrown them out because she didn't have an active application with them at the time, so she had to resend.  Hope this makes sense!


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They don't accept anything sent to them before the application cycle opens on 9/17. That said, my things got sent to them a few days early because of when I took the GRE, and I called to make sure they didn't have it, and they were able to find all three of the scores that I'd sent and attach them to my application. It's worth a shot to give them  a call before paying $27 a score to send them again. 

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