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I'm applying to schools for fall/spring 2016/2017. I am also looking at the accelerated programs at Columbia, Hunter, and NYU...I'm looking into Fordham for the part time program as well. 

What do people think of these programs? Is anyone in or have completed the accelerated or part time programs? I'm looking for more information, that can't be found on the websites!! 

Also so do you think an undergrad GPA between 3.0-3.5 would be accepted to the schools above?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!! 

thank you!

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As someone who put off grad school for over 8 years and worked in the profession with a BSW I have had the advantage of watching many of my colleagues go to many of these different programs and get different feedback. I did apply to hunter and my gpa was not the greatest and I did not get in. However from what I have heard Hunter is definitely one of the more competitive schools due to it's much smaller price tag. Although I was not accepted into the OYR MSW program I did take a MSW class at hunter and I have to say I was underwhelmed and did not feel like it lived up to the hype that I have heard. With that said I have typically only heard amazing reviews from other hunter students so my experience may be out of the norm or maybe from not being fully enrolled in the program. I also felt that my professor was extremely notes on the board heavy and left very little for actual class discussion. 

As far as Columbia to this day I have met dozens of MSW grads from their program and never heard one good word. What I have heard is that they are swimming in debt (I mean it is an Ivy league so you know what you're getting yourself into) and that the program is very clinical and really doesn't address whats going on in urban communities. If this is your thing go for it.  I've heard similar about NYU but what I do know is they sure do seem to except everyone, I know someone with a pretty decent resume but a 1.7gpa (I don't even know how that happens) and they were accepted but placed on academic probation. I'm sure this is not the norm though. My good friend had a 2.7 and she was accepted and given a $10,000 a year scholarship. Again though very large price tag and very clinical. She does like the program and I've never heard too many complaints outside the money. But if you're from NY get those federal loans, consolidate and let them get forgiven after 10 years who cares if you borrow 20 or 60 you're not going to pay it all off after 10 years either way and the rest will be forgiven. Seriously everyone is worried about federal loans but NY state has the MSW forgiveness and payments based on your income. 

I'm applying to Fordham for the Spring 2016 start of the part time program since I work full time in the field now and applying for the experienced and employed professionals track and I'm still waiting to hear. I only submitted my application on the deadline of November 1st so I'm sure it will take some time. I applied here after taking a course through my job and I liked the atmosphere of the Lincoln center location. I also work in Manhattan but live in Westchester and I like the ability to take classes either in Manhattan or Westcheser. I feel as if I've met a large majority of fordham grads throughout my career and never heard anything except about the price tag. Are you getting the trend? We are always underpaid and therefore always gripe about our bills, its inevitable. 

Hope that helps! Good Luck. 

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