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Evaluate profile for MS/PhD (MechE) in the universities listed


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  • University rank #2 from a state university in India. Graduated in 2012.
  • TOEFL: 100 (R:27 L:25 S:21 W:27)
  • GRE: 327 (Q:165; V:162; AWA:3.5)
  • No research experience.
  • Undergraduate Capstone project involves product design and statistical quality control in an Automotive components manufacturing unit.
  • Was part of the SAE Baja college team.
  • Four years of experience in Product Design/ Analysis (FEA) in two companies. Two years in a big company in the oil industry and two in a start-up that didn't really take off.
  • I intend on getting into a PhD program after the Masters. Interested in a field bordering on material science.

Which of these universities do you think I have a shot?

  1. UCSB
  2. UVirginia
  3. UMinnesota
  4. Ohio State
  5. NCSU
  6. UC Irvine
  7. UWisconsin
  8. UWashington

If you think there are other/better universities where I could have a better chance, then you can list them as well.




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