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Shubham Gupta

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“A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.”

I don't agree with the statement of having a same national curriculum. Just like every disease has its own type of medicine and not all the diseases can be prevented and cured from a single universal medicine, in the similar manner the different students from different states have different kind of environment, different kind of regional languages and different type of culture. A person who lives in the Northern India might not be able to understand the languages like Tamil, Telgu which are widely used in the Southern part of India, so a common curriculum cannot be practically made which will be comfortable for everyone all over the nation. 

The environment and culture of a student affects his ways of learning. A person who has a very developed surroundings might be having the high technological aids like laptop, internet, projector and will be easily able to take part in the various activies and will be easily able to understand the meaning of tough topics through visual aids. But a person not having such facilities can't follow and gain from a curriculum which includes the involvement of the technological developments. A student might be able to understand things better in his/her regional languages while a person can might be very comfortable with english, depending upon the cultural differences and the languages used at the home. A North Indian child is more comfortable with hindi or regional language than a South Indian child who has been using english relatively often.

One universal curriculum cannot contain the diversity of a huge nation like India where people from different cultural background as well as different financial background look upto having a education system which they are comfortable with, be it in understanding or financially. A poor student cant afford various types school uniforms like regular school uniform, sports uniform, cultural uniform, various types of gadgets like laptops, calculators etc. So an universal curriculum can't be taught or followed in the whole nation.

One of the disadvantage that might occur by not following such universal curriculum is that, for getting admission into the national recognized universities which expect a certain kind of skills in a student, e.g, english proficiency, mathematical problem solving etc. would limit a student. As it might occur that in a certain curriculum the english language practises were never encouraged and it might affect the student's chance to be able to get into a good college. Also the different curriculum might have different kind of difficulties in their syllabus and the final percentage in their results might be low, which when compared to the other student's with a easier curriculum is lower and that also can limit a student to be able to utilize the opportunities which is in accordance with their callliber and talent.

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